Why should you hire a personal real estate shopper if you are looking for a villa in Dénia?

If you are looking for a villa in Dénia you surely know that finding the perfect property is not so simple, you have to take into account many factors such as the budget available, finding the best area, state of the property… and to all that we join one more, the time spent searching and visiting. These are some of the reasons why it is important to have professionals who help us make a good decision and accompany us throughout the purchase process. We are not just talking about a real estate agent, in Property Consulting we take a step further with the figure of the consultant, a personal shopper that provides a personalized service always thinking on the needs of the buyer.

What are the advantages of hiring a real estate consultant when buying a villa in Dénia?

Saves time

In quantitative terms many studies say that hiring a real estate consultant saves up to 70% of time. In the first interview it is defined what is the buyer looking for and what he really needs: budget available, if we want a villa in Dénia on the beach or in the mountains, with a pool, terrace… From all this data our advisors will start looking for the perfect property. The next appointment will be with a list of all homes that meet all these requirements.

Saves worries

To the time saved, in Property Consulting we add a 100% saving on worries. Our consultants are responsible for verifying that the conditions of a house are technically, financially and legally appropriate, what is known in the sector as “due diligence”, a prior investigation that allows knowing the status of the property and helps the buyer in order to make an informed decision before the purchase.

From visit to visit

With the list of the definitive properties, the real estate advisor visits them with the client and together they analyze the possibilities of the house and avoid wasting time visiting properties that don’t meet all the requirements and don’t deserve any attention.

Financial advice

In need of financing, real estate advisors offer personalized advice on the best way to obtain the best financial conditions.

Always with you

The work of the real estate consultant doesn’t end with the purchase decision. It also includes all bureaucratic procedures until the signing of the sale to ensure that all the interests of the buyer are protected.

After purchasing

The moving process begins. In Property Consulting we have reliable suppliers in services such as transport, bricklayers, painters, gardeners… in order to make the start at your new villa in Dénia as easy and fast as possible.