Moors and Christians in Denia

From 13 to 16 August, Denia is put in mode of Moors and Christians, as its streets get full music, colored costumes and a lot of party. It’s about the celebration of Moors and Christians that is celebrated as a honor to the celebrations of Sant Roque. These celebrations, which are very popular in the whole Alicante province, commemorate the battle for the land between the two sides, leading to the Christian reconquest.

The celebration of Moors and Christians in Denia is maybe one of the most ancient ones for the Valencian Community. It appears written since 1599, when Lope de Vega composed the poem “Fiestas de Denia”, where he mentions the first edition of this celebration between 12 and 18 February, thanks to the arrival of the king. The celebration, as we know it today, was created during the 20th century.

The most important activities during Moors and Christians in Denia

The celebration of Moros and Christians in Denia contains eight filaes in each siden. The Christians have the Hospitalaris, Almogavers, Cavallers, Creuats, Deniers, Marins Corsaris, Mozarabes and Templaris. As for the Moors, they have the Abencerrajes, Alkamar, Almoravides, Amazihg, Amiries, Berebers-Tuaregs, Saqaliba and Walies.

The intensive program of activities begins with the landing of the Moors in the port of Denia on 13 August. After a battle, the two sides sign a pact which leads to a period of coexistence between them.

On 14 August the most little pass from the streets of Denia, celebrating the Children’s Gala Parade, where the children get dressed with the best clothes.

15 August is the most important day of the celebration. The great gala parade takes place, where all the groups show their superiority and their clothes. Les Christian music, the parades of the Moors, the lights and all this show invade the streets of the center of Denia in a unique performance which lasts a lot of hours, seducing the visitor.

On 16 August you can watch the Christians landing. The captain and his army arrive in the city, creating various parliaments, a battle of arqueburiery and celebrating what is called “Milagro de la niebla”. It is about a thick haze which was over the moor troops, leading to their defeat, as they got totally disoriented. Finally, we are coming to the surrender of the troop of the half moon, to end the celebration with a little castle of fireworks.

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