How to improve the energetic efficiency of your house and pay less for the electricity bill!

Before buying or selling a house, one of the factors we have to take into consideration is the energetic qualification of the buildings. Why is it important? In this post we explain you about all the advantages and what factors you have to keep in mind to improve the energetic efficiency of your house.

The certification of the energetic qualification is mandatory for all the villas and apartments that are on sale or to rent. It is a qualification which puts them between A and G, the first one with the best energetic efficiency. This one means that if your qualification is low, then your house has a bigger energetic consumption and factors like the location, the orientation, the type of isolation and electric materials with which the house is equipped, have an influence on the total consumption.

How to improve the energetic efficiency of your house?

To get a better energetic efficiency you have to take some measures:

Good isolation

The frames of the doors and the windows have a lot of influence on the air conditioning of the house. If they are old, you are going to suffer from the invasion of the heat in summer and the invasion of cold in winter. To get your isolation better, you have to make your property more comfortable and, then, you are going to see your electricity bill reduced. Another good choice to avoid the noise from the exterior, is to install windows with double isolation.

Heating and air conditioned

The refrigeration of the house, either for cold or for heat, are the services which consume the most of energy, which arrives to a 46% percentage for heating and a 21% for hot water. If we are talking about heating, energy sources like carbon and diesel oil are obsolete. It is way better to use energy sources, like natural gas, biomass, bug bombs or condensation pots with low consumption and with the help of a system with radiators or radiant floor with low temperature. In the case of air conditioned, you must watch out the qualification of the equipment and also the temperature in which we put it, so as to consume less. In winter it doesn’t have to be more than 21ºC and in summer no less than 25ºC.

Electric materials

The electric materials of the house represent the 13% of total energetic consumption and, among them, the refrigerator and the television are the devices which consume most of the electricity. When renovating these devices, you have to buy those with qualification of A Class in green color and the major number of +, which means that you will be able to consume less than the half of the average.

Effective light bulbs

You also have to control the light bulbs of the house, change the traditional ones with the low consumption models, as you can get even an 80% reduction in energetic consumption of your property.

Orientation of the property

The location of the property has also its importance when measuring the energetic efficiency and you also have to take it into consideration, so as to avoid energetic expense. In winter, you have to push your curtains aside and get your blinds up to let the sun get into the house and in summer you have to do the opposite, which means protecting your house with blinds with slopes and awnings. This gesture can lead to a reduction of 10 to 15% in the bill for your air conditioned.


If you have a garden, it can also help you to reduce your energetic consumption. The trees with expiring leaves and orientation to the south, offer you a natural shadow in summer and permit the entrance of the sun in winter.

The most important is to have good habits. For instance, you mustn’t leave your lights open, you mustn’t waste water and you mustn’t leave your device open without using them… All these things, in addition to improving the energetic efficiency of your house and continue reducing the electricity bill, will also help you to protect the environment.

In Property Consulting, all our villas and apartments available in Dénia and Jávea, dispose of an energetic certification and we are sure to provide you a home energetically efficient and comfortable.