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How to prepare your house for sale: 10 infallible tips

The process of the sale of the property is not an easy job. In Property Consulting Spain, the real estate that you trust in Denia, we know that and we have all the tools to make this operation a success the soonest possible. The principal goal is to make the possible buyers have a good impression of your house and fall in love with it. To make it happen, just notice the key points to prepare your house for sale. Continue to read!

Prepare your house for the visits of the potential buyers

Depersonalize your house

That’s one of the most important elements during the process of preparing your house for sale. Get rid of paintings, personal objects, pictures… Make the decoration the most neutral and simple as possible. The potential buyer must imagine himself living there and feel that this can be his future home. He must not feel that he is invading the personal area of the actual owner.

Repair the imperfections

Make it sure that everything works as it has to, the tap, the blinds, the switches. If there is any imperfection that you have to repair, that’s the moment to do it. Any perception of bad function can be transmitted into a reason for not buying or asking for a reduction of the price. You can benefit also of the chance to paint the house, choosing neutral and light colors that boost the feeling of the spaciousness, the cleanliness and the luminosity.


One of the top advice, when preparing your house for sale, is to make it sure that it’s perfect for the visits. Clean your house carefully in every corner, in its interior and exterior. The terrace has to be in order, the garden repaired, the doormat clean, the mailbox empty of cards or publicity brochures.

Empty the closets

One of the most common demands of the future buyers for the house, is to have sufficient storage. Empty the closets at their half to make the impression of large spaces and a lot of room to store things.


Another key point when preparing your house for sale. All the buyers are looking for a house with good light, so you have to intend to maximize the entrance of the natural light and always show your house in the moment of the day that it can get the most light possible, with the curtains wide open.

Leave the big furniture

If you have huge furniture, get rid of them. They make your house seem smaller, so use mirrors with big frames, to make all spaces seem larger and follow the proverb that less is more. Less furniture, more sense of spaciousness.

Make your house cozier

When entering the house, the buyer must feel the warmth of the place and you can achieve it with some little details, such as prepare a coffee together before the visit. The aroma of this cozy sensation that we are looking for is also a detail of politeness for the visits. Put fresh flowers in the living room, decorate the table as if you were going to eat, prepare the bedroom and the bathrooms like they do in the hotels…

Exterior zones

The terraces and the gardens have to be well cared and in order. Especially in the villas and the chalets, they are a very attractive point and you have to show all its potential. Throw the trash, cut the grass, prepare the exterior furniture and also the table with dishes and glasses, as if you were going to eat. You can also install a relax zone with deck chairs. If you also have a pool, it has to be full and its water has to be perfect.

Organize yourself for the visits

When your house is ready for sale, it’s the best moment to host the potential buyers.

Ventilate the house

Fifteen minutes before the visit, open all the windows and make sure that house is well ventilated.

Illuminate good

If the house benefits of a good natural light, make the visit with the curtains and the blinds completely open. You can make it better with artificial light. The most light, the best for you.


If you have domestic animals, try for their being out of the house while showing it. It’s a good moment, also, to take them for a walk.

Leave a professional make the visit

The real estate agent is a professional of the sector who knows what the client looks for and he is going to point out the best characteristics of your house. If it possible, try not to be there during the visit, trust his professionalism.

These are some of the elements that are going to help you make a successful visit and increase the possibilities to sell your house, but there are some other important factors that you also have to take into consideration, like the choice of the potential buyer or the choice of a competitive selling price etc… In Property Consulting we have a team of professionals with a lot of experience that is going to help and advise you, so as to be successful in the process of the visit. You can contact us in our web or by phone +34 966 431 211.