Four key factors when buying a house in Jávea

Buying a house is an important decision and there are many factors that we have to take into consideration, before taking it. In this post we are talking to you about the four key factors for which you have to remember when buying a house in Jávea and will help you to make the good decision.

The price of the house in Jávea

It’s one of the key factors and probably one of those which determine the decision of choosing a house in Jávea. Buying a house brings up an important economic investment, so at this point the first question must concern the purpose of buying a house in Jávea. Will that be a habitual residence? Will that be a house for vacation rent? Is it an operation of real estate investment? The answer to these questions will help us to fix the available Budget, not to mention also the additional charges to the purchase: commissions, mortgage charges, notary, taxes…

The location of the house

After the price, the location of the house is the second most important factor, not to mention that these two factors are intimately related. The houses with better location are the ones that have the biggest price, even if the price of the exit, if you ever want to put the house on sale, is more expensive and if you prefer getting  a house for vacation rent, the profitability will also be higher.

In Jávea you have the luck to enjoy the sea and the mountain at the same time. This is something that multiplies the options of finding a house in a perfect localization, near to the sea ot even some regions like Montgó, with spectacular views to the Mediterranean and a quiet atmosphere.

Another aspect that we have to take into account is the proximity of the property with the most important services: shops, supermarkets, restaurants…Where do we want  to buy our future house in Jávea? Near to spare time spots like the Paseo del Arenal? In a village near to the services? Or even in a little more distant, but quiet region, like the residential areas in the mountain? In any case, buying a house in Jávea has a great advantage, because everything is so close, even the houses which are far from the center. Is some minutes, we can get into our favorite restaurant.

The quality of the construction

After having decided the price and the location where we want to buy a house in Jávea, the quality of the house are the third factor that a lot buyers take into consideration, but it is also really important, because it can affect the price of the house and future charges.

There are key points to which you have to pay attention to, so as not to have to deal with a surprise during the future: insulation, the installations of light, water and gas. From 2013, also, it is mandatory that the properties on sale have a certificate of energetic efficiency. With all these facts, we will be able to take the best decision.

Consult a professional to buy a house in Jávea

This last factor is the one that will help you to take the right decision after having valued the price, the location and the state of the property. Consulting a professional will help you avoid a lot of fears and save a lot of time from looking properties that don’t really interest you, or others that are not in the conditions you are asking for. In Property Consulting we always try to find the ideal property, based on your necessities and your budget. For this reason, we elaborate a personalized study with the best options when trying to find a house in Jávea.