Cocooning, enjoy the pleasure of not hanging out.

Converting your house into a refuge from which you will never be willing to leave, has the name of cocooning in the world of decoration and in this post we are talking you about the key points to transform your home into your favorite place in the world.

Feeling at home like any other place is something that has no date, but the word cocconing invented it in the 90’s Faith Popcorn. For this consulting marketing company, the key is to promote the joy of the life at home and highlight it in the decoration with elements that permit to enjoy of a more pleasant and cozy place at your home, encouraging the coexistence with the family with board games, meals, diners…

Living room, the heart of cocooning

The living room is the most important place in the house, perfect to share and a place of reunion for the family. To make a cozy living room you have to pay attention to the seats, lazy sofa chairs and deck chairs. During winter you can also put blanket of hair or wool and, during spring or summer, you can put more fresh textile complements, but also cozier, like linen or cotton.

The kitchen

Among with the living room, the kitchen is another fundamental  space in cocooning, especially these ones which are open to the living room, as it encourages the family to participate in everyday housework of cooking, eating or simply talking after the meal. For this place, we recommend you to use wood as the principal material.

Light tonalities

Cocooning is best with cozy colors, forget about orange or green, as the walls were used to get painted a few years ago. You have to get inspired from the tonalities inspired by nature: dry green, ochre, brown… always combined by something in white, grey or a rocky tonality. The touch of the color can be combined with decorative complements in colors like blue, light green or yellow.

Rustic style

The furniture that fits the best with this tendency is rustic. It is the one which gets more associated with the feeling of being at home and contemplation. You can use it with recycled elements or modern accessories combined with contemporary designs, in a way that your home will continue having an actual touch, but with the feeling of refuge that we all search.

After all these advice, do you fancy cocooning? In Property Consulting we have such cozy houses, that you will only have to give them your touch to continue enjoying a real refuge. Consult our web for the villas in Dénia, villas in Jávea and apartments in Dénia and apartaments in Jávea available for you.