Buying an apartment on the beach in Dénia, a profitable investment for 2018

Investing in a home is always a good option but buying an apartment on the beach in Dénia is a very wise decision that can bring interesting advantages, even more so if we take into account the real estate market trends for 2018: low interest rates, attractive prices and an confidence increase on the part of the investors who look for properties with high profitability.

Buying an apartment on the beach in Dénia is a more profitable operation than what it was a few years ago. During 2017, the prices had very interesting margins and the yield of the apartments rose up to 8.8% per year, a really positive rate and higher than the one obtained by investing savings in deposits (0.1%) or in public debt (0.1%).

In addition to the profitability for the revaluation of the house, we must also take into account the options presented by having an apartment on the beach in Dénia, among which stands out especially. The holiday rental throughout this year has provided an average return of 8.95% according to the urbanData Analyst report. This same report indicates that 80.66% of the touristic houses rented in Spain were apartments. If the apartment has a pool, it also increases the rental price up to 13%, which is one of the factors that must be taken into account when choosing an apartment.

Touristc rental has another added advantage in addition to the profitability; it allows to “self-finance” the purchase and even cover the expenses. An interesting option is the “mixed investment”, enjoy the apartment on the beach in Dénia a for a few months and rent it in the months when demand is higher. We must consider that the whole Costa Blanca, especially Dénia and Jávea, areas with a large influx of tourism throughout the year thanks to the good weather and a high demand for renting. To this is added that hotel occupancy and hotel prices are rising and adds another incentive to rent a house during the holidays and, consequently, to invest in an apartment on the beach in Dénia.

To all these financial advantages you have to join one more that is the pleasure of living near the beach and being able to enjoy the sea and the good weather of Dénia. If during 2018 you decide to invest in an apartment on the beach, at Property Consulting we have the best properties on Costa Blanca. We leave this selection of apartments in Dénia at the best prices.