Square meters built vs. useful meters. What is the real size of your house?

How big is your house? This is a question that you have been asked many times and the answer is not as simple as it seems because meters built is not the same as useful meters. If you are going to sell your house or are looking for a property, then knowing well the difference between these two data interests you a lot! It will allow you to know the size of the house and the price per square meter.

The useful square meters of the house is the surface that you can step inside the house, this also includes the built-in wardrobes, only the parts that although inside, are not tractable or “useful” like partitions, walls are excluded, pillars… This information is important because it is what really informs us of the space we have to live. You can find useful square meters in the plan of the house and in the deed of the house.

The constructed area or square meters built is everything, that is, all the square meters of the perimeter of the house are included, both inside and outside, here the partitions, the ventilation ducts are computed… also the partitions shared with neighbors (in this case is computed half).

What about balconies, porches and terraces? How are they computed? If they are covered, they are computed at 50%, if in addition to being covered, it is closed on three of the sides, it will be computed at 100% as useful square meters, this means that if you have a porch that measures 20 m2, it will count 10 m2 but if it is glazed, it will be 20 m2. In the case of attics, they will only be computed as a constructed surface from a free height of 1.50 m.

When the house is part of a community of neighbors where common elements such as corridors, stairs or gardens are shared, then it will be computed in relation to the coefficient of participation of these common elements, this information will be found in the cadastre and in the deeds. Storage rooms or parking spaces are usually computed as independent elements, each of them has its useful meters and meters built.

The difference between the usable area and the constructed one is usually between 15-25% but this is only estimated data. At Propery Consulting we recommend that you always specify both data, both for sale and for purchase. In our database of villas, apartments and houses in Jávea, Dénia and surroundings you will find it.