• How to improve the energetic efficiency of your house and pay less for the electricity bill!
    • 30 August, 2018

    Before buying or selling a house, one of the factors we have to take into consideration is the energetic qualification of the buildings. Why is it important? In this post we explain you about all the advantages and what factors you have to keep in mind to improve the energetic efficiency of your house. The

  • Luxury villas in Costa Blanca: Enjoy the mediterranean life
    • 24 August, 2018

    The coasts of Jávea and Dénia have a lot of attractions, their beaches, their climate, their gastronomy… it is an authentic paradise which hides treasures transformed into luxury villas in Costa Blanca. Buying a luxury house in Jávea or Dénia is about being willing to have your desired quality of life, which means living close

  • Cocooning, disfruta del placer de no salir de casa
    • 17 August, 2018

    Converting your house into a refuge from which you will never be willing to leave, has the name of cocooning in the world of decoration and in this post we are talking you about the key points to transform your home into your favorite place in the world. Feeling at home like any other place

  • Moros y Cristianos en Dénia
    • 10 August, 2018

    From 13 to 16 August, Denia is put in mode of Moors and Christians, as its streets get full music, colored costumes and a lot of party. It’s about the celebration of Moors and Christians that is celebrated as a honor to the celebrations of Sant Roque. These celebrations, which are very popular in the

    • 4 August, 2018

    At the time of selling your property in Denia, there are a lot of factors that we have to take into consideration. What about the period of the year? Is it also important? There are studies which propose that most of the operations get finished when it is hot. That happens because the houses are

    • 25 July, 2018

    Denia and Javea are one the favorite touristic destinations, for all the possibilities they offer for families, children, youngsters… in this post we are talking you about the most interesting and attractive summer plans in Costa Blanca to have  an unforgettable August. Relax on the beach This is the perfect plan for those who look

  • Las cinco preguntas clave sobre la Golden Visa, residencia en España para inversores
    • 20 July, 2018

    One of the many advantages to invest for a property in Costa Blanca is having the possibility for a special residence license, commonly known as Golden Visa. In this post we explain you of what it consists and which the requirements are to obtain this visa. What’s the Golden Visa? It is a special residence

  • Cuatro factores clave a la hora de comprar una casa en Jávea
    • 13 July, 2018

    Buying a house is an important decision and there are many factors that we have to take into consideration, before taking it. In this post we are talking to you about the four key factors for which you have to remember when buying a house in Jávea and will help you to make the good

    • 6 July, 2018

    Today is the great day of the Sanfermines in Pamplona, but it is also an important day for Dénia, because of the beginning of one of its most popular celebrations, known as Bous a la mar (bulls in the sea) that begin just today and finish the 15 of July. In this post we are

    • 28 June, 2018

    The process of the sale of the property is not an easy job. In Property Consulting Spain, the real estate that you trust in Denia, we know that and we have all the tools to make this operation a success the soonest possible. The principal goal is to make the possible buyers have a good

  • Te contamos todo sobre la noche de San Juan en Jávea
    • 22 June, 2018

    The night of 23 June is the shortest one of the year and they say that it is also the most magic. It’s San Juan’s night, a celebration in which we can find together rituals with fire, powder and music. All the coast is full during this night of campfires and, the most important, of

    • 15 June, 2018

    Are you thinking of buying a living on the coast? Have you thought about a villa in Denia? There are so many reasons to opt out for the capital of Marina Alta. In this post we are going to count for you the benefits of living near to the Mediterranean and the choices of villas

  • Learn the benefits of an property off-plan purchase
    • 8 June, 2018

    It is usual having doubts about buying a property through a real estate company in Dénia. The real question is about doing it off-plan or buying a property already constructed. The real estate companies and the lawyers are the best option for your information in this topic. We have already talked about the topic of

    • 23 March, 2018

    Spring is here, at least meteorologically, exactly started on March 20 at 17.15 and will last 82 days and 18 days, but has it reached your home? Filling your house with plants and flowers is always a good idea in which you will get a natural style to your home.  Decorating your home with plants

  • Comprar una vivienda para alquilarla en Jávea ¿Es rentable?
    • 16 March, 2018

    Is a good option to buy a house in Jávea and then rent it? How much profitability can I get? Is residential or holiday rental better? These are just some of the questions that many people ask before investing in a villa or apartment for rent, in this post we will answer all of them

  • Vivir cerca de un campo de Golf en La Costa Blanca
    • 9 March, 2018

    If you like golf, come live in Costa Blanca! The Association of Tour Operators of Golf (IAGTO) has declared Costa Blanca as the European Golf Destination of the year, an award that recognizes the excellent service offered by golf courses in this area. Do you need more reasons? In this post we tell you all

  • 12 playas y calas de Jávea: una para disfrutar cada mes el año
    • 2 March, 2018

    Jávea can boast of having the second best microclimate in the world after Rio de Janeiro. And it is that you can have, more than 300 days of sun a year and a temperature all year round with an average of 18ºC that invites you to enjoy its more than twenty kilometers of coastline. We

  • Metros cuadrados construidos vs metros útiles ¿Cuánto mide realmente tu casa?
    • 23 February, 2018

    How big is your house? This is a question that you have been asked many times and the answer is not as simple as it seems because meters built is not the same as useful meters. If you are going to sell your house or are looking for a property, then knowing well the difference

    • 16 February, 2018

    Many times when looking for a house we have in mind the perfect one that suits all our needs, and after visiting and visiting real estate websites, we just can’t find it. Then the question comes: Do I buy a piece of land or do I reform a house? We tell you the advantages of

    • 8 February, 2018

    In this 2018 spring and summer some of the trends that have already seen our home during the past year will be repeated although somewhat nuanced. We have some key points to make sure that your house has style when the good weather arrives: Colors On this 2018 spring the tones will dominate the interiors

    • 1 February, 2018

    Are you thinking about buying a second residence in Jávea? Keep reading and we will give you the answers to the five fundamental questions you must ask yourself before making a decision as well as the main advantages and disadvantages. Am I in love with the place? The truth is that falling in love with

  • 5 ventajas que te convencerán de comprar una casa en Dénia con piscina
    • 25 January, 2018

    Summer arrives and with the heat the first thing you want is to take a dip in your own pool but… you don’t have one. This could be the first reasons why we advise you to buy a house with a pool in Dénia, to be able to cool off in the hottest days of

  • Compra un chalet en Dénia con la ayuda de un personal shopper inmobiliario
    • 17 January, 2018

    If you are looking for a villa in Dénia you surely know that finding the perfect property is not so simple, you have to take into account many factors such as the budget available, finding the best area, state of the property… and to all that we join one more, the time spent searching and

  • Die 5 entscheidenden Gründe, warum Sie ein Haus in Jávea kaufen sollten
    • 15 January, 2018

    There are many articles that talk about why you should live in Javea and every single one of them talks about the sun, gastronomy, good weather… we know that these are good enough reasons, but we think that these are the 5 definitive reasons to buy a villa in Javea: Cultural exchange Walking through Jávea

  • 10 propósitos de 2018 para tener un hogar sostenible ¡Y ahorrar!
    • 5 January, 2018

    With the New Year the list of new purposes inevitably arrives: to do more sport, study languages, lead a healthier life … these are the most common objectives but in this post we want to propose a list of challenges not for you, but for your house, with which you will make your house more

  • Comprar un apartamento en la playa en Dénia, la mejor inversión para 2018
    • 28 December, 2017

    Investing in a home is always a good option but buying an apartment on the beach in Dénia is a very wise decision that can bring interesting advantages, even more so if we take into account the real estate market trends for 2018: low interest rates, attractive prices and an confidence increase on the part

    • 15 December, 2017

    If you are thinking about buying a villa in Denia, we recommend you taking into account several previous considerations before making a final decision. Acquiring a house is an important economic commitment, so we must meditate calmly and assess a series of key points in order to always opt for the alternative that best suits

    • 17 September, 2017

    If I move to Costa Blanca which city do I choose?   Many have decided to make Costa Blanca their home attracted by the sun, good weather, gastronomy and above all the quality of living near the sea. The first decision and perhaps the most complicated is to decide which city. Costa Blanca has charming

    • 17 September, 2017

    D * NA, Dénia Gastronomic Festival     On September 29 and October 1 Dénia will be filled with stars. More than 15 Michelin stars will attend D * NA, the Dénia Gastronomic Festival. A unique event organized by Quique Dacosta with the aim to make the city known as a touristic destination with a

    • 17 September, 2017

    Costa Blanca is one of the most attractive areas of Spain to live, visit and also make real estate investments. The positive numbers in profitability are some of the reasons why it is a good idea to invest in real estate in this area.   House Prices All economic indicators suggest that now is a